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Favourite Fanfic List [updated 11/07]

as a fangirl, i loooooove reading fanfic...
i like to know how the other fans thinks about their idol (especially Arashi) through their writing..
so, i have some of my favourite fanfics and authors..
they are great, why people can be so talented writing those while me so bad at writing only a report~ lol
anyways, i enjoyed reading fanfic, mostly Arashi with OCs, and this is my best list so far:

completed series / drabble / one-shot
- Sugar Kouya author: dubujash . pairing: Yoshimoto Kouya/Satoko <-- favourite pairing! lol need more from this pairing!!
- Layers author: phrenk . pairing: Enomoto/Aoto <-- sweet pairing!!xD a must read fanfic!
- 101 Face of Sakurai Sho author lovu_lovu_aiba . pairing: Sakuraba | it's a pic-fic, has 2 part of it and maybe still on going? and omoshiroiii~ xD
- Runaway author: lilemokai . pairing: Main - Nino/OC, Rest of Arashi/OC's | 11 chapters + epilogue
- Be With You author: andreja1989 . pairing: Sho/OC | 28 Chapters . full of drama but i love it! she's so genius with drama series! =D
- Sweet Pleasure author: andreja1989 . pairing: Sho/OC | 28 Chapters + prologue + epilogue . seriously this series is NC-17 include violance but still drama romance. u've been warned ;)
- Be With You author: nightbaron079 pairing: Nino/Yoshitaka Yuriko | a sweet one-shot. this kind of fic that i like.. :3
- We'll Always Have Paris author: mikaa22 pairing: Sho/OC/Nino | 28 Chapters, my first fave romance fanfic :)
- Like We Used To author: mikaa22 pairing: Sho/OC | 18 Chapters, I like the plot :)
- Plans author: arasukishi pairing: Sho/OC | 3 parts, LOOOVE this one side story. this is too real to imagined lol
- Mistakes author: arasukishi pairing: Sho/OC | one-shot general. u'l probably love this one too.. the OC is like represent myself. :')
- Before Morning Comes author: denise_dinc | Ohno one-shot fic. based on a rather controversial scandal which happened some time ago.
- You Don't Know My Name author: su_ede pairing: Sho/OC | Two chapters. love the OC's character. sweet story :'>
- Lead Me Astray author: yoshi09 pairing: Ohno/Mao | Long one-shot. this is smut but i LOOOVEE the character of Ohno~ :p
- Enticing Proposal author: shardaunei pairing: Nino/OC | Short one-shot. a simple story that can make u giggling.. this is soooo NINO lol
- INTJ author: arasukishi pairing: Nino/OC | One-shot fic. u know, i really love her fic. i love how she describe the characters through the plot.. love it! and u'll love it too!

- Badass author: Tashii pairing: Nino/OC | One-shot fic. found this when googling another fanfic :3 "who would’ve thought Nino could pull it off like a boss? Damn you. Damn youuuuuu."

on going series
- Homecoming author: lilemokai . pairing: Main - Sho/OC, Rest of Arashi/OC's | sequel to Runaway, 2 chapters and still on going
- Wake Me Up author: kazunyan83 . pairing: Yama | 9 chapters until now. okay, this is includes violence and drama but somehow i like it! *slaps my DoS side*
- Baby S.S author: kazunyan83 . pairing: none | cute and funny! hope she'll continue this chapter soon :3
- Lovely Complex author: cookie_froggie . pairing: Nino/OC | the story is getting interesting but the author seems delay the update *sobs*
- About firsts and seconds impressions author: su_ede . pairing: Jun/OC | always waiting for the update for this love story :)
- Breathless author: smile_arigatou pairing: ? | probably, this is the first fic with angst genre that i like. lol i dunno why but when i read the fic, i can't stop it and curious with what will happen next. and who doesn't want to know what happen if there's sakuraba have a role as a doctor and nino as their patient? *smirk*

i'll add more later.. i kinda forgot where to find the others.. =,=
and why i have to post this? it's just like my 'bookmark', so i won't forget where to find them if i wanna read them again :)
if u have a recommended fanfic, feel free to tell me :)
thank you~
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