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Anabelle part 2

I'VE MISSED DECEMBER! *Happy belated birthday to AIBA MASAKI!!*  lol

i've posted nothing since November last year.. ahaha too busy with RL.. u know that..
but then, i miss to post something here.
let's recall, what i've done in December.. hmm... photo, makeup, THAT'S IT! ANABELLE!! ahhaha
so, i'll post more photos of Anabelle in this post.. actually i want to post something related to the notif tone but since this laziness of mine.. well~ well~

one day i had this work on location, a photoshoot for my friend's pre-wedding, and because my makeup is done in the beginning and my work only to touch up her during the photoshoot, which was boring to wait, so, i brought Anabelle with me! lol i thought of shoot her too with my only smartphone in my spare time. and here are the results:
Anabelle 1

Anabelle 2

Anabelle 3

Anabelle 5

Anabelle 6

and for the hair do~
Anabelle 7

Anabelle 8

this one is taken by the photographer, Nugie
Anabelle 4

that's it for now..
i'll make another post tonight.. though still stick with the laziness........... *smacks*

well, thanks and see u around! ;)
Tags: barbie: anabelle
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