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double post~ double post~ yyeeaAAyyy~

since i am not a good writer, let's get to the point..
it's not that i'm not into lj anymore, because i'm not! but i'm only in 'silent-reader' mode.. reading feeds, a little commenting, but not posting... yeah.. i miss making tones... that's why i put it into my 2014's resolution! yeaay~
i'll tell u this,, but don't expecting much because i don't know when i'll finish it.. my project:
- Notif tone from Platina Data
- Notif tone from Kagiheya SP
- Notif tone from each eps of Shituren Chocolatier *okay, this is new*
- Notif tone from some random episode of Arashi's variety show

and then again, i barely read fanfics from lj because u know what?? i've installed this app from Play Store called WATTPAD and i stuck to it! yea but sometimes i read some ff which i'm following it..

oh, i've done this, Eyeliner Makeup Challange? lol
one night, i'm cleaning up my makeup tools and i saw my eyeliner and then, walla~

eye 1eye 2

yaaa~ don't ask what's in my head, because i dunno the answer, too.. xD

jyaaa~ matta ne!!
Tags: fangirl, makeup, notif tone
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