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WELCOME! -- this should be my first post!

i'm posting! i mean really posting! xD
really, i don't know what to post at first.. but i'm gonna introduce myself properly.. i know it's never too late to do this. :p

this is me. taken by a friend, mikeelfs.
i make this journal for only my fandom activities, at first. but then, i saw this journal can also put a lot of things like my hobbies.
i have a lot of hobbies. fangirling is one of them.
i love ARASHI since 2010, am i still newbie? i love their shows, their songs, their movies, their doramas, their concert, their friendship, I LOVE THEM! XD can't describe it with any words. i love them more every single day :')
i like to make some gif from a video because of the fandom i'm able to make it! haha i barely make gif these days, maybe tomorrow or next time i'll make them again. and i have plenty of notification tone of Arashi, which i'm sharing it in this journal. and i like to read fanfic about them too.. u can see my favourite fanfic list HERE.
so, this is my old gifs:
first, i have this Nadegata man!   and this cute bratty man! x3

and my fave are...


my another hobby is makeup. yup! i looooooooovvveee this one! i love to express my feelings through makeup, i'm into this since 2011, still newbie but the more i learn, the happier i am :) i know my grammar is sucks xD
in my country, Indonesia, traditional wedding makeup is very popular, but i prefer fashion and photography makeup, because i can express my feeling more, not likely traditional wedding which have a lot of rules and techniques, very difficult but still, i wanna learn that too. :)
here some of my makeup works:
The Blue Queen                             Poison Ivy
there are some more but i'll save it for my post later.. :)
beside that, i also love food, culinary, eat, or whatever u called them. i really like to taste a new food, experiment on it or eat at one restaurant to another. me and my boyfriend love to do culinary travel. we try so many restaurants as we could. so, if someone ask us what do u we in our date time, we would answer this, EAT! xD

THE SIMS, i'm soooooooo in love with this game since 2000!! can u imagine? it's my longest hobby. do u believe that i've been played the games for 20 hours? hahah that's my record! but, since my hobby is increasing from time to time, i can't play it for a long time.. it's not that i don't play it anymore, it's just i have to manage the time of my hobbies. i love the part when i create a sims and build a house.. :)
here some of my house that i've built in the sims 3:

next, i have photography as a hobby. l love took a picture, both with my phone or camera. not taking it seriously like a profe but just a hobby. it's like one of my way to express my feelings too like makeup. i often share my daily photo on my instagram. :)

HANG OUT! yup, i don't know if that could be categorized as a hobby but i do! i love meeting my friends, going out, messing around, doing crazy, chilling out, sharing, etc. if i have a holiday or a free time, i DEFINITELY will call my friends and ask them out or invite them to my house! i just can't stay doing nothing at home. my body won't accept that and i'll get sick! LOL xD

jyaa~ that's for my introduction, i'm sorry for my bad english. i'm tweeting often too if u wanna know more about my daily activities.
i barely update my facebook.
if u have something in mind or just say hi and questions, feel free to comment below. or mail me. or mention me.
i'd love to see if i have some people in common interest as mine. :)
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