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halooo temen2 di Indonesiaa.. kabar baik nihh.. Sekarang ada aplikasi yg bagi2 pulsa gratisss loh.. saya udah coba! Dalam semalem dapet 833perak dari 5 org yg donlot cashtree.. buka lockscreen dpt saldo..  ga ngapa2in jg dpt saldo.. beneran deh ga pake hoax ini uda pernah coba sendiri nuker pulsa lgsg masuk.. sebulan bd dpt 50rb.. lalalalala
Mau pulsa gratis ga? Coba cashtree deh! Tinggal klik link ini aja -

note: utk sekarang hanya bisa di download melalui playstore..
jd pengguna iphone n windows phone harap bersabar yaahh..

thank u ❤

endless game



I've receiving messages about Arashi's notif tone post that no longer available in my older post, so i'm thinking of reuploading ALL OF THEM later..
It's just the matter of time.. i have sooo many things going on in my RL, once it finished, i'll do that.. just be patience, my due date is on SEPTEMBER..

Thank u for consideration
sakurai senpai <3

ARAFES '13 - FURUSATO [cut with romaji lyric]

As I mentioned before that i really love this song..
so, i've learned how to make put lyric into video and wallaaaa~ if there's a will, there's a way hahahha
this is my very very first time doing this and i want to make it just simple so i can sing along with it :p
actually, I am too lazy to learn more and i'm not into it anyway lol
when i saw the result for the first time, it was exactly like a video from Viki.. hahahahha


see? xD

anyway, i just want to sharing it with u guys even if it's bad lol


will do better next time..
aaaand... IT'S JUNE IN A WEEK!!! MY FAVE MONTH~ start countdown, minna~!:D
thank you ~

sakurai senpai <3

Furusato Lyric - Arafes '13

朝焼け色の空に またたく星ひとつ
小さな光が照らす 大いなる勇気

何気ない日々の中に 明日の種を探せば
始まりの鐘が響く いま 君のために

雨降る日があるから 虹が出る
苦しみぬくから 強くなる

進む道も夢の地図も すべては心の中にある
助け合える友との思い出を いつまでも大切にしたい

進む道も夢の地図も それはふるさと
めぐりあいたい人がそこにいる やさしさ広げて待っている
山も風も海の色も いちばん素直になれる場所  

忘れられない歌がそこにある 手と手をつないで口ずさむ




Asayake iro no sora ni 
Matataku hoshi hitotsu

Chiisana hikari ga terasu 
Ooinaru yuuki

Nanigenai hibi no naka ni 
Ashita no tane wo sagaseba

Hajimari no kane ga hibiku Ima
Kimi no tame ni

Ame furu hi ga aru kara Niji ga deru
Kurushimi nuku kara Tsuyoku naru
Susumu michi mo yume no chizu mo 
Subete wa kokoro no naka ni aru

Tasuke aeru tomo to no omoide wo 
Itsumademo taisetsu ni shitai

Susumu michi mo yume no chizu mo 
Sore wa furusato

Meguri aitai hito ga soko ni iru 
Yasashisa hirogete matteiru

Yama mo kaze mo umi no iro mo 
Ichiban sunao ni nareru basho

Wasurerarenai uta ga soko ni aru 
Te to te wo tsunaide kuchizusamu

Yama mo kaze mo umi no iro mo 
Kimi no furusato

Boku no furusato

Koko wa furusato

**notes: I really love this song... every version of it... love it!


double post~ double post~ yyeeaAAyyy~

since i am not a good writer, let's get to the point..
it's not that i'm not into lj anymore, because i'm not! but i'm only in 'silent-reader' mode.. reading feeds, a little commenting, but not posting... yeah.. i miss making tones... that's why i put it into my 2014's resolution! yeaay~
i'll tell u this,, but don't expecting much because i don't know when i'll finish it.. my project:
- Notif tone from Platina Data
- Notif tone from Kagiheya SP
- Notif tone from each eps of Shituren Chocolatier *okay, this is new*
- Notif tone from some random episode of Arashi's variety show

and then again, i barely read fanfics from lj because u know what?? i've installed this app from Play Store called WATTPAD and i stuck to it! yea but sometimes i read some ff which i'm following it..

oh, i've done this, Eyeliner Makeup Challange? lol
one night, i'm cleaning up my makeup tools and i saw my eyeliner and then, walla~

eye 1eye 2

yaaa~ don't ask what's in my head, because i dunno the answer, too.. xD

jyaaa~ matta ne!!

Anabelle part 2

I'VE MISSED DECEMBER! *Happy belated birthday to AIBA MASAKI!!*  lol

i've posted nothing since November last year.. ahaha too busy with RL.. u know that..
but then, i miss to post something here.
let's recall, what i've done in December.. hmm... photo, makeup, THAT'S IT! ANABELLE!! ahhaha
so, i'll post more photos of Anabelle in this post.. actually i want to post something related to the notif tone but since this laziness of mine.. well~ well~

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Anabelle who?
yep, meet my Barbie doll, Anabelle.
another hobby of mine, which is very rare at my age 'playing' this kind of stuff, but seriously i'm so hooked by this doll since i was 4!!
after debating with my ownself, finally, i bought her! a barbie doll with fashionistas edition!!
but, don't worry... i didn't played it like a school girl lol i want her to be my 'model', my action figure :p

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